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"When you cannot walk, let me help you to run.  When you are afraid, let me teach you to trust.  When you feel weak, let me help you build your strength.  When you can't find your voice, let us speak without words.  When you cannot reach, let me raise you above the world.  When you want to give up, let me show you how far you can go."

I work with clients aged 18 and over  from a diverse range of backgrounds. My work with them is person centred and adapted to meet the needs of every individual client that comes through the gates.  Clients generally come once a week for 8 weeks and each session is approximately 60 minutes.  
We explore themes that come up for each individual which are highlighted by the horses. Examples which include but are not limited to: how to set healthy boundaries, the energy people carry and the impact it has on those around them, how to begin to shift the focus to what is wanted in life, rather than what isn't and exploring the blocks from achieving a desired outcome, past patterns of behaviour and how they impact the current way of being and how to change that to cultivate healthy new patterns, burnout and nervous system dysregulation, health anxiety, general anxiety, coping with long term chronic illness, depression, grief. 
My work is evidence based using CORE10 clinical assessment forms. All of my clients have significant reductions in their score - my average reduction across clients is a 41% - after what is a relatively short intervention. 
Clients report that they find the work hugely insightful, often they will have already tried other more traditional interventions which help them in a multitude of ways but they still feel there is a little something missing.  The horses offer a completely new and non biased perspective based entirely on what the individual is carrying, the generate a feeling of safety and security whilst at the same time challenging clients in their limiting beliefs.  It is extremely beneficial work on many levels and helps to keep people living healthy, connected and fulfilling lives.  
I never tell my clients what the solutions to their problems are - nobody wants to be told what to do and it won't stick anyway.  Through experiential learning guided by the horses, clients get to decide for themselves how to move forward, this is empowering in its nature and the results speak for themselves on how beneficial the time spent with these incredibly wise and gentle teachers is. 

I work with teams and groups of individuals to help them develop and enhance their performance.  Much like the one to one work we will look at themes that come up for the team whilst working with the herd.  This could be the dynamics of the team whilst out in the field, how they work together with the horses and how this then translates back into the office.  It could be looking at a specific issue that the team has identified, it may be to strengthen and develop a team and their dynamics generally or it may be that the team arrives not really knowing what they are wanting from the day but they leave having new insights and an experience that will have a positive impact on their performance going forward.  
Whatever comes up is guaranteed to be insightful and memorable.  
Sitting a team down in a room and asking them to identify where their strengths and weaknesses can be challenging cultivating an activity with the herd that will highlights and allows people to experience through learning, what their strategic thinking is and how their energy impacts their colleagues and customers, is definitely a way to ensure positive change. 

Nervous System Regulation Sessions - 45 minutes

Embark on a transformative journey with our Horse Harmony Sessions.  Immerse yourself in the gentle power of equine connection as you learn to regulate your nervous system through mindful breathwork and soothing grooming practices. Join us for an enriching experience that harmonises your well-being with the tranquil energy of our equine companions, fostering a deeper sense of balance and serenity in both you and your horse.  These can be booked as stand alone sessions or on a regular basis. 


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