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BEAT is owned and run by Claire Cole, Senior Practitioner of the LEAP method of Equine Assisted Learning and a Clean Language Facilitator.   Claire is also part of the LEAP training team, helping to train new up and coming Facilitators in the UK.  LEAP is an Organisational Member of the Professional Body for Accredited Counsellors, Coaches Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists.


"I've been obsessed by horses from a very young age and have managed to keep them as part of my life most of the time, I even managed to find a city farm in London and ride under the MI5 building!  During my 20s I was given a ticket to watch the world renowned horse whisperer, Monty Roberts.  I was immediately captured by the way that he was able to communicate non-verbally with the horse and this led me to then study a foundation in Intelligent Horsemanship which was held by his UK counterpart, Kelly Marks.  I had an experience on that course with my horse that was extremely profound and emotional. It's an experience that will never leave me.  Many years later after moving back to Guernsey from the UK and starting a family, I decided I wanted to get horses back into my life.  Doing so was extremely grounding and rewarding, I wanted to work out how I could work with horses and people to help others foster a sense of connection and regulation.  I started my research and attended a weekend taster session with LEAP, I immediately knew that it was what I wanted to do, it was again profound and deeply moving.  Since qualifying in 2019 I have worked with a huge number of clients and it is always a privilege to be a part of their journey into self discovery. Horses are the wisest most compassionate sentient beings, when people learn to trust, connect and listen it really is hugely transformative. "


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