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BEAT stands for Bailiwick Equine Assisted Therapy and using our team of horses we offer focussed interactions by way of designed activities that will enable participants to address personal issues that may be limiting their personal or professional lives.  No prior experience with horses is necessary as all of the work will be carried out on the ground and led by an experienced team of equine therapists. 

BEAT is run and founded by Jemma Lucas and Claire Cole.  

JEMMA: is an internationally qualified Equine therapist with a wealth of experience in this field.  She has been facilitating sessions in the U.K. for the local council, schools, private referrals and corporate events, with an extremely high success rate.  Jemma also specialises in autism, has been a mentor to parents / guardians and assisting Doctors in the diagnosis process. 

Jemma says: 'Equine Therapy is where participants learn about themselves and others.  Horses help promote emotional growth and learning and the opportunity to explore finding solutions.'

CLAIRE: is a UK qualified Equine Therapist, she carried out her training with LEAP who are an Organisational Member of the Professional Body for Accredited Counsellors, Coaches Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists. Claire has a passion for the work and believes that the benefits that it will bring to the local community will be far reaching. 

Claire says: 'Equine Therapy is experiential and cannot be explained fully by words. You need to observe the process to really see and feel it's power and the limitless benefits it brings.  I am excited to bring this service to the Bailiwick.'

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